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Epic Life Obituary: He Built A Life On His Own Terms

Imagine living such that it was a epic worth sharing. An epic life that others make tales of.

Many good stories begin with the end. An end so compelling, you stick through the emotional journey just to see how it happens.

Consider The Falcon of Spain

A few months back in Atlanta, I presented the story of The Falcon of Spain. An epic true story about one man’s conquest of Andalus, Spain.

The story opens up with the antagonist talking about his enemy, the hero of the story.

He asks his advisers, “Who is the Falcon of Quraysh?”

After several responses, he tells them.

The Falcon of Quraysh is Abdul Rahman, who escaped by his cunning the spearheads of the lances and the blades of the swords, who after wandering solitary through the deserts of Asia and Africa, had the boldness to seek his fortune without an army, in lands unknown to him beyond the sea.

Having none to rely upon save his own wits and perseverance, he nonetheless humiliated his proud foes, exterminated rebels, organized cities, mobilized armies, secured his frontiers against the Christians, founded a great empire and reunited under his scepter a realm that seemed already parcelled out among others.

No man before him ever did such deeds.

Mu’awiya rose to his stature through the support of Umar and Uthman, whose backing allowed him to overcome difficulties; Abd al-Malik, because of previous appointment; and the Commander of the Faithful (the antagonist in this story, Abu Jafar AlMansur) through the struggle of his kin and the solidarity of his partisans.

But, Abdul Rahman did it alone, with the support of none other than his own judgment, depending on no one but his own resolve.

My Attempt At An Obituary

The following off the cuff. My idea of what an epic life might start as.

It’s not nearly as epic as the one above, but it’s a start.

“No obstacle could stand in his way. With any pursuit, he was organized with a laser focus. He welcomed adversity, and built a life on his own terms.”

Here’s to a new year.

2017, I’m coming for you.

belal khan epic life

(Hat’s off to Khary Dixon for the photo!)

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