Trans Pyrenees
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Trans Pyrenees Bike Route and The Falcon of Spain

I just came across a 500+ mile Trans Pyrenees bike route the covers the expanse of the Pyrenees mountains from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean at the Spain and France border.

Trans Pyrenees

Spain has been an obsession of mine on a number of layers for the last year or so.

Actually, I have a number of obsessions including cycling, film making, history, martial arts, tea, story telling, but Andalusian Spain is more so than others.

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More about that here in this video:

New Dawn: Lessons from the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilizations in Spain

One of the projects I’ve been involved at with work has been a travel seminar with Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick on the rise and fall of Islamic civilizations in Spain.

new dawn spain

I know, the poster is really dope!

The Falcon of Spain Graphic Novel

Anyway, one of the layers to my obsession is producing a graphic novel on the real life story of The Falcon of Spain.

Back in October I did an event in Atlanta, where I also came across a recently published graphic novel titled “Indeh: The Apache Wars” by Greg Ruth and Ethan Hawk.

Following that I ended up in Raleigh to present the same story where I met an artist.

Yes, I’m very much influenced by the art of Assassin’s Creed.

I even got Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick to go see the movie which then resulted in the “New Dawn” posters and slides emulating the essence of it.

peak and decline of muslim spain

I’ve been itching to go to Spain

I haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet. But, I’m aiming to make it happen sometime this summer after Ramadan.

As a step in the quest to produce that graphic novel, I’m intending on making a documentary about the story and following in the foot steps of AbdulRahman, The Falcon of Spain.

Look forward to a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.