• win at social media
    Business and Marketing

    Win at Social Media in 2017 With These Five Principles

    To succeed in social media, you need to understand how social media works today in 2017, and at the same time give each platform its due right. What does that mean? Let’s take a look… The following is a quick primer on the strategic principles of social media marketing and it’s relationship with the various platforms that exist as of 2017. What do you need to succeed in social marketing across the board regardless of social platforms? Principle 1: Social media in the past and even today is a TOOL for public relations. What’s the difference between marketing, advertising, sales, which is one area, and PR, the other area? Social…

  • Trans Pyrenees
    Adventure and Travel

    Trans Pyrenees Bike Route and The Falcon of Spain

    I just came across a 500+ mile Trans Pyrenees bike route the covers the expanse of the Pyrenees mountains from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean at the Spain and France border. Spain has been an obsession of mine on a number of layers for the last year or so. Actually, I have a number of obsessions including cycling, film making, history, martial arts, tea, story telling, but Andalusian Spain is more so than others. (Note to self: update in my about page later) More about that here in this video: New Dawn: Lessons from the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilizations in Spain One of the projects I’ve been…

  • belal khan epic life

    Epic Life Obituary: He Built A Life On His Own Terms

    Imagine living such that it was a epic worth sharing. An epic life that others make tales of. Many good stories begin with the end. An end so compelling, you stick through the emotional journey just to see how it happens. Consider The Falcon of Spain A few months back in Atlanta, I presented the story of The Falcon of Spain. An epic true story about one man’s conquest of Andalus, Spain. The story opens up with the antagonist talking about his enemy, the hero of the story. He asks his advisers, “Who is the Falcon of Quraysh?” After several responses, he tells them. The Falcon of Quraysh is Abdul…